Improve Profitability through Workplace Wellbeing – A Workday in the Year 2025


7:00 AM My alarm clock goes off. I look at the watch on my wrist. I have recovered fairly well during the night. The watch on my wrist is part of my employer’s workplace wellbeing programme. Couple of years ago scientists were able to prove that a well-slept night enhances the workers’ performance by 20% on average. Since then my employer has taken the work-rest balance seriously and we all got our very own wellbeing watches.

I know that my biggest challenge is the browsing on my cell phone too late at night. For example, just yesterday I once again fell for browsing my friends’ updates on Facebook when I should have just closed my cell phone. I work as a content creator and I know that today I’m going to be writing texts where my views on things are not as sharp as they could be.

11:00 AM My morning so far has involved a lot of tasks requiring focus. I think I performed quite well. I look at the watch. My stress levels have stayed well in check but I’ve been active nevertheless. Brilliant! This is probably because now I get to write texts, which I actually find interesting. Half a year ago the wellbeing watch gave me a notice that my stress levels were constantly high. I had a talk with my superior about that. Back then I was writing texts regarding business economics and I felt that I knew very little about the topic. My superior got evidence backing my stories from the data I had gathered. We agreed that in the future I could concentrate on articles on decoration. That’s where I’m strongest and most motivated. My stress levels plummeted and my work time activity is now at an excellent level.


Remote Work and the Workplace Wellbeing

12:00 PM I spent a while outside in the sun and had lunch. At the moment I live in Australia. I’ve lived in many different places over the last five years. My work is not bound to any particular location and when I want to have a meeting with my teammates or have a chat with them I simply put on my virtual goggles. That is how I get to the kitchen at my workplace.

People leave for different countries via an exchange program provided by my employer. We are provided support for the relocation process and for the tax and social security matters. I have mostly chosen sunny places for my destination. Places where my slightly atopic skin feels well and my work concentration improves. During winters I have been able to produce up to a third more blog texts than when I am in Finland. I find the freedom of choice to be very motivating and I have, in fact, stayed employed by the same company for all this time.


Using a Workplace Wellbeing Coach to Improve Results

2:00 PM A virtual meeting with the wellbeing coach that my employer assigned for me. Half a year ago my employer launched a pilot, in which the workplace wellbeing was included as a part of the quartile profit reports. Now one fourth of my bonuses depend on how well I have been able to improve my wellbeing and through that improve my work focus and performance. For the last quartile I set my wellbeing goal to be the rehabilitation of my lower back. It had started to ache and disturbed my workflow as well as my sleep. We are now discussing with my wellbeing coach how well I have been able to achieve this objective. The coach helps me find the suitable means, knowledge and services for me to reach the goal.

My previous quartile goal was to try to forget and ignore any work related thoughts for at least two hours before going to bed. I participated in an online meditation course which was partly sponsored by my employer. I’ve noticed that it has improved my sleep and thus it had a significant effect on my ability to focus during daytime.

9:00 PM Time to relax for a good night sleep. This time I remember to do my meditation and skip the browsing on my cell phone. I feel happier now. Luckily my employer has understood that the wellbeing of an employee is different for each individual. My employer and I get constant feedback on my wellbeing and my stress levels through my wristwatch. The data gathered and with my wellbeing coach’s help, we have been able to come up with the right solutions for me.

Every quartile my employer provides me with 400 Euro to use for the services which help me reach my wellbeing goals. As far as I understood, this is only about 3% of the total expenses which my employer has for me. At the same time, I heard that our company’s productivity has risen by 15%. It is a tremendous amount. With the same staff we make more sales and only a little more expenses.

The wellbeing services that my employer provides us with help me personally as well. I feel more energetic and more stable. I believe that I might also live a longer life than I normally would since my employer puts so much effort on my wellbeing. Other employers have been left behind on this matter. Because of this I wouldn’t change my job for any other.