Build yourself a vision for 2017


I can see that the year 2017 will have a significant impact on my career. I predict that it will be the first full working year of my life. I also want to write down a vision for my working life, but why?


The central goal of any company is to give its employees a common idea and movement. Work that I can do alone, without anyone else, is only the starting point of today’s working life. A company vision makes sure that this central goal is fulfilled, as the vision clarifies what the company is striving for or which direction it is headed to.

It is extremely rare that a company vision alone would be enough to move its employees towards the goal day after another. One could say that the more knowledgeable an employee is, the more their own interests (including their vision) will guide their daily life. The answer to why everyone is not supporting the company vision can be found in either a lifeless vision or the fact that the employees’ personal visions are headed to a separate direction from that of the company’s.

If the employees’ personal visions are never revealed, no one can know for sure how much the company’s common vision is realized.

It is of course possible to measure successes through results and well-being can be seen on the employees’ faces. However, would the creation and revelation of personal visions bring forth better answers? An individual will benefit from their own vision for example when looking for a job, as instead of talking about their past work experience they can focus on what they want to do in the future. The nature of work is also changing more and more towards thinking-work. To be able to manage this in any way, a vision must be brought out, for everyone to see. As for myself, I was thinking of creating my vision by focusing on my working life skills one month at a time.


During January I want to recognize my thinking patterns and what they consist of. For example, how much are my history and past weighing me down? In February I will focus on my world views, meaning my attitudes, values or even my flexibility. In March I will understand that I do not want to change things out of the pleasure of changing, but instead it is more important to recognize what change means to me. During April I will observe what will change or how I should renew myself. If in May I question things, how will I do it?

In June I will ask how my interaction skills are doing.

In July there will be time to breathe a little and focus on my own know-how. This does not mean just project management or marketing skills, but the ability to see possibilities, experiment, or having an entrepreneurial attitude. In August I slip to being creatively lazy and launch 2017 as the year of questioning. I want to know how you’re doing. How should I proceed here? How can I help? I should never lose the skill of asking, otherwise I will be burying my own development.

During September I’m startled at the thought of whether or not I know my learning speed.

In October I will hopefully realize that my skills are not up to only me, as it is only through networking that I can fully access knowledge. Everything valuable is created out of interaction. During the months of November and December I want to understand others better and get excited about their presence. That’s a skill of its own as well!

We live in a time where each one of us has the possibility to choose. The Spotify phenomenon makes each choice equally difficult for each one of us. Having a vision of my own is a guiding principle for myself, helping me make better choices each day.