SuperDay – What a wonderful reason to be a part of Barona community


SuperDay is a Barona sales tradition, in which all sales employees gather together every three months and fill the following weeks of their calendars with client meetings. The event has developed over the years and nowadays Barona recruiters have joined as well. The event offers interesting training sessions as well as content, which supports cross selling between the different branches.

Early birds at the breakfast table

I attended Barona Group’s Super Booking Day last autumn for the first time. This year the name had evolved to “SuperDay” but still I was prepared for the experiences that were about to come.

SuperDay’s program started with a very early breakfast at 7:30 in the morning. During breakfast the top management shared quick updates about last year’s results. The speeches revealed some views on the future goals and the targeted results.

SuperDay’s morning program was divided into two tracks: sales and recruitment. The sales teams focused on booking client meetings, while recruiters participated in Villiam Virkkunen’s (Filosofian Akatemia) training. The topic was ”Work smarter, not harder.” The lesson to remember from the morning session is a five-item-list on how to organize one’s work and achieve the flow:

  1. Planning
  2. Prioritization
  3. Smart methods
  4. Tailor your environment (to improve focus)
  5. Recovery

The fear and bravery brothers

The joint bus ride took the whole family to Koskenranta restourant. We enjoyed a delicious lunch, after which the famous speaker Henkka ”Mr Fear” Hyppönen jumped on the stage. In his speech Henkka pondered on the question ”Why do we fear?” and argued that development in work life happens always outside of your comfort zone. Henkka continued with the argument that our ancestors, who did not fear are all dead. Thus we are all children of cowards. Henkka made us think what can we learn from Kyle Maynard’s story? Or Maria Joao Pires’s piano-case?


The important thing is to stay positive and not allow the frustration, doubt or fear get in the way of my goals. It's not always an easy thing to do, but I know in that never trying is far worse than the pain of failure. The important thing is to stay positive and not allow the frustration, doubt or fear get in the way of my goals. It's not always an easy thing to do, but I know in that never trying is far worse than the pain of failure. - said Kyle Maynard in an interview with Henkka Hyppönen.


After the coffee break Panu Luukka jumped on the stage. Panu joked that Henkka Hypponen acted as his ”support act” and in the future he would always like to present after Henkka has warmed up the audience. Then the pressure would only be on Henkka. Panu's speech took us from Henkka’s fear to Panu’s bravery. Panu started by talking about bravery and how little Finnish employees are engaged into their work. We can do better, because engaging employees starts from the company’s management and company culture.


barona_superday_panu-luukka #TGIM = Thanks God It’s Monday. – Panu Luukka


Panu Luuka’s main message was that nowadays the best talent choose the best companies. If a company wants to succeed, it has to attract the best talent, everything else does not matter! These days talent gets to choose the company, not the other way around. Company culture plays an essential role in attracting talent. The right company culture must be visible both to clients and employees.

Panu ended his speech with two theses, the first one of which is the following: ”The key ingredient of bravery is the feeling that you are cared about.”. Later he had updated, or baronized this sentence after visiting Barona main office. This is how Panu changed the thesis: ”The key ingredient to bravery is the feeling that you are loved.

The highlight of the evening = pitching

After the guest speakers some brave Barona Group representatives took over the stage to pitch. The goal for the pitches was a) to get experience from pitching as well as b) to collect leads from colleagues. This time we had five people from different departments and countries pitching.

  • Anssi Pekkarinen / Barona Maintenance Oy – ”Maintenance professionals on one-stop basis”
  • Mika Viskari / Wunderdog – ”Digital service creation”
  • Johanna Mix / Barona Sweden – ”How to find and assign suitable workforce fast?”
  • Tarja Takala-Valtonen / Barona Logistics –  ”In 10 years most of the companies will outsource their warehouses”
  • Tero Tomukorpi / Barona Solutions – #xChange

The judges of the pitches were Lassi Määttä (Barona Solutions), Essi Järvinen (Friday Flats) and Taru Kumpulainen (Unfair). The judges gave each of the speakers with short comments on their pitch and decided on the winners. The winner of the pitching competition was Tarja Takala-Valtonen from Barona Logistics. Congratulations, Tarja!

The efforts of the organizers reflected in the results

The event team deserves the most credit for a successful SuperDay. Katja Kuronen, Laura Forssell, Marina Velikova, Sanna Hirvonen and Jussi Liikala worked hard on organizing the event. Without their effort, this day would have not been so phenomenal. We are eager to see what the next SuperDay on 27.4.2017 has to offer.

Finally, the result from the day was a total of 1373 booked client meetings, which means we have to get to work and meet the set expectations!