COVID-19: Barona’s operational capability is good - services continue to run as usual


During the past few weeks, Barona has made the necessary changes in order to secure the health of our people, ensure operational capability, and to maintain a high level of service. We take the COVID-19 virus seriously, and have made precautionary preparations carefully in case the exceptional situation continues.


We are prepared for the effects of the coronavirus by all possible and identifiable means. We closely follow government regulations and guidelines and we have actively instructed our staff working at customer companies as well as people working at Barona’s offices. We update the instructions as the situation evolves.

A few Examples of our abilities to serve businesses and job seekers in exceptional situations are: good remote work and video interviewing solutions, our nationwide service network, and a completely mobile Jelpp recruitment platform. Our recruitment, employment management and HR and payroll processes are 100% digitalized, which means we can deliver our services whenever, wherever.

For jobseekers, we have secured the continuation of job interviews with RecRight video interview tool and other digital tools.
Barona's business sectors have approached clients with common guidelines and reminded them of their own contact persons. We will continue to communicate actively in the upcoming weeks.


Barona has instructed employees working at customer companies and provided them with guidelines. We will update the guidelines as the situation evolves and keep communicating actively for our employees.

We have instructed our clients to contact us if any coronavirus cases occur. In these situations, we strive to ensure the continuity of our customer's operations, for example with flexible location transfers of staff, or quickly providing additional staff. The digital tools provided by Barona offer a variety of remote work opportunities also for our clients.


It is of the utmost importance that Barona is able to offer equal career opportunities to all job seekers, even in this exceptional situation. Job Search Portal serves job seekers 24 hours a day and jobs can be applied to as before. However, jobseekers should be prepared for video interviews and questions as they may not be able to meet face-to-face with a recruitment consultant.

Despite the exceptional situation caused by the coronavirus, open job opportunities remain! Barona operates in more than a dozen business sector, and the effects of coronavirus vary by a sector. For a job seeker, this may mean a new career path.

We at Barona are taking part in the Finns fight against the pandemic. As our President Sauli Niinistö wisely said, at the same time we are taking physical distance, we can seek mental proximity. We’re all in this together - and together we ensure the continuity of working life despite the exceptional situation. 

For further information:

Minna Vanhala-Harmanen
CEO, Barona
+358 40 051 1786

Antti Möller
PR & Public
Affair Lead, Barona 

+358 44 545 5698 

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