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How would you describe superior customer experience in technical support , and what to prioritize when developing technical support services? During this year we have reexamined these themes in Barona IT.
Blogit | Henrik Rantala | 12.12.2018

How to solve technical issues before they become problems?

IT customer experience technical support

Have you heard about MaaS, Mobility as a Service? Then you might have come across the buzz around this new phenomenon, which could be compared to what Amazon has done for the book market and how Netflix changed the way we consume tv-series. And if not, now it’s definitely a good time to check out what MaaS is all about.
Blogit | Joel Kinnunen | 02.11.2018

What would it take for you to give up your own car?

Our guest writer Magnus Engdahl has worked in technical support for nearly 25 years, most recently at Fujitsu in Sweden and Norway as the Head of DWS at Fujitsu. Now we get to hear his views on the current state and future prospects of technical support.
Blogit | Magnus Engdahl | 27.08.2018

Increasing User Expectations

IT customer experience technical support

Customer experience is currently a hot topic. People seem to understand its importance and are willing to invest in its development.
Blogit | Henrik Rantala | 24.08.2018


IT customer experience technical support

The ”experience” has become a differentiator between companies competing for the best talent. But what about automation & robotics – the game-changer in the way we work and live our lives? How does this relate to candidate experience and can you automate candidate experience?
Blogit | Ilkka Lagerström | 11.05.2018

Can you automate candidate experience?


Leaders of development teams have versatile roles which require a combination of people skills and knowledge of different technologies. In this article, we will open up the role of such leaders and share our thoughts on how to become one.
Blogit | Pinja Pynnönen | 08.05.2018

Elements of a good tech leader - what is good leadership in development teams?

johtaminen leadership Työyhteisö Työelämän taidot Peer Talk

Good leadership is all about learning and adjusting to the needs of changing worklife. Janne shares his learnings as a leader and encourages leaders to take a look at their leadership and learning methods.
Blogit | Janne Borro | 12.03.2018

Ability to learn - the most essential capability of a modern leader

Tulevaisuuden työ IT Future of work corporate culture digitalisaatio johtaminen leadership

The most important role of HR in the game industry is to build a culture that attracts talented people and offers them a place to grow and flourish.
Blogit | Pinja Pynnönen | 22.12.2017

The role of HR in game companies - building culture that supports growth and gives people opportunity to flourish

HR culture corporate culture game industry gaming

Barona's Peer Talk panel discussion gathered together employees and customers to talk about multicultural teams.
Blogit | Pinja Pynnönen | 15.12.2017

From local to global - benefits of multicultural teams

Kansainvälisyys IT

Strategic recruitment is linked to the overall strategic business plan enabling the growth of your company with the right people.
Blogit | Michael Chang | 20.10.2017

Strategic recruitment – start executing your business strategy by recruiting the right people

IT Recruiting

Digital development projects and future innovations require brave culture, clear vision and ability to tolerate uncertainty when making investment decision.
Blogit | Henrik Rantala | 02.10.2017

It takes a lot of courage to build future innovations - Barona IT


Roles of employees are broadening and people need to be fluent in a lot bigger stack of skills than before due to digitalization.
Blogit | Juha Kuuttinen | 08.06.2017


IT Recruiting Future of work

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